Monday, March 21, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

So, this year we broke our usual tradition of being last! Max place fourth!! And Kyler made a car just for fun, he tied the first place car! Unfortunately for Kyler, we have just figured the whole car making business out now that he has moved on from cub scouts (that whole first pancake thing). FOURTH PLACE!!


In Febuary, we made a quick trip to Utah for Jason's grandma's 85th birthday. While we were there, we went to the Ogden Treehouse Museum, Ikea, Cabelas, the dinosaur museum, and ate at the Mayan. Kyler and Max had a blast, but it was a little much for Ridge. Turns out, Ridge doesn't like life sized dinosaurs....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Part 2

The older boys made a gingerbread star tree with some help from Jason

Ridge was pretending to be in a bath during the tree building

Grandpa reading new books with Ridge

Cleaning up....

Christmas Part 1

To begin our Christmas season, we went to the Museum of Idaho's Christmas exhibit. Ridge wasn't so impressed with Santa. (Thinking back though, we didn't really explain what we wanted him to do...we just tried to throw him into the arms of some guy he didn't know.)

I made this nativity set for the boys (mostly Ridge) to play with. I got the idea from this blog.

We had a Christmas eve's eve get together with Jason's side of the family.

The kids made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers.

Brielle's won for "most candy supported"

Cousinly love

For our sibling gift, Katie and Marc gave us money to go towards our Sam's Club membership. Since it was supposed to be a "homemade" gift, they took the money and made origami objects with it.

Bow tie, fan, chain, ring, snake, triangle, sunglasses......

It was also Marc's birthday so we got to make use of all of Jen's candles

First Piano Recital

Kyler and Max had their first piano recital in December. They played so well and we are proud of them!

Thanksgiving 2010

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Jason's family this year. The boys had fun making hats and painting some Christmas decorations.

Great Grandma Tolman was a good sport!

Grandma Tolman and the boys

Ridge's 2nd Birthday

Ridge turned 2 at the end of October. He is such a fun part of our family! As parents, I think Jason and I are enjoying this time with a toddler a lot. We are older and calmer, and I think we just see life differently now as opposed to when Kyler and Max were little.

The boys loved the snowstorm we go in early November!