Friday, March 19, 2010

What did the dad tomato say to the baby tomato, who was falling behind?

Ha ha, well I thought it was funny! So, anyways, this is a catch up post.

In Jan. we went to Chuckee Cheese.

In Feb. we made rainbow pancakes....

And we celebrated a few birthdays with Texas Sheet Cake, pumpkin cookies,
cake balls, and frosting shots!!

Ridge is working on his spoon skills.....
Jason is still working in Idaho Falls, the drive is getting really old, but we all do what we have to do. Kyler is doing amazing in school, he is active in scouts, and is reading like crazy! Seriously on the reading, for March, he has already read over 1000 minutes! He is a great helper with Ridge which helps me out tons. Max is doing very well in school, and is excited to start scouts next month. He is always building something with legos or knex, or drawing, or has some sort of crafty project going on. Ridge is growing and learning new things all the time. He loves animals.....from a safe distance, he is terrified of them up close. He loves to see birds, or "quacks" as he calls them. He's not talking so much, but is an expert on grunting to tell us what he wants. We are working on's probably easier than the mind reading we are currently using. I have been baking A LOT! We've tried creme brulee (way easy and delish), tons of cake balls (way too many!), chocolate marshmallow cake (thanks to Dana), and the occasional actual meal.