Thursday, February 12, 2009

The last month....

So here is an update of our last month (or two). Life is still just as busy. Jason went to Tennesse for a week, and I got to experience life with three boys alone. Ridge has discovered his feet and toys and smiling. I pretty much love life with a baby again. It's amazing how fast he grows. I don't remember the other boys growing quite so quickly. Kyler and Max have been adjusting really well to all of the changes. They like the new school and are meeting new friends at church. I think I like our new ward, I've mostly spent my time in the mother's room. Our ward just split so all the women I met are in the other ward now, ah such is life. On to the pictures, there's a lot!!

Ridge and Waylon hanging out....they love their playdates!!

Guess what's in the crib.....
Surprisingly, it's Ridge.
He sleeps in his crib for the first four hours, then he likes to eat every hour or two.
Max at the circus workshop at school

Kyler at the workshop

These, we had to buy, Kyler love practicing with his poi

This is how we roll....

Discovering his feet

All smiles

So, this is on my to do list....
and this, mt. laundry...

and this, somebody should make this bed....

it's crazy how fast this accumulates!!

He thinks he's funny

It's a lot easier to play DS on your head!!

Ahhh, toes