Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's not that I failed....

It's just that I have 500 pounds of clutter spread out in piles all over my house.....I totally failed. Without weighing everything, I have no idea where I ended up at. We are going to have a yard sale, but until then, we still have almost everything (but it's in piles...). We have a good idea of what we are getting rid of, and when we do have the yard sale, I have a feeling a lot more stuff will be leaving this house. But until then, we will still be clearing out clutter and making piles of things to get rid of.

On the cooking front, we have had a lot of junk this week. Tonight I did make tacos with smoked turkey, shredded broccoli, and cheese. They were really good, the boys had mac & cheese....ehh, some weeks are better than others.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture Post

Boys at the zoo

Kyler's Pinewood Derby

Rainbow Cupcakes


Easter goods, Ridge
Brotherly love
Way to pogo!! Seriously, he has some crazy over 600 times in a row!
Kyler made this, I thought it was cool
The swan that lives at our pond. Apparently his name is Andy, but we've been calling him Bob for a year and a half. I don't think he cares much. He's fun to watch, but if he starts to get out of the water, we run! He's huge!!

Ahhh, deadlines.....

So, I have 37 pounds of clothes, four boxes of videos, baby walker, exersaucer, random toys, more baby stuff, a couple rugs, a bag of shoes......and I am not so much in the mood to weigh it all. I did sell a bike, it probably weighed at least 40 or 100 pounds. So, really I'm probably at my 500. And guess hasn't even dented what I need to get rid of. I'm giving myself until Monday (cause Jason is here this weekend to help me) to get my "official" 500 pounds together.....but I am nowhere near done decluttering. Seriously....we have a THREE car garage that nobody can park in....I have issues. BUT, I am admitting it....that's the first step (so I hear). Our goal is to only need one moving truck to move back to Idaho Falls, so......we continue. Besides only three of you in this world know that I failed (mostly due to my lack of weighing junk).

On a cuter is Leslie, Ridge, and Taylynn at Easter

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Craigslist and pancakes

We are making more progress. Today we posted some items on Craigslist, if they don't sell, we will try having a yard sale. Anybody need a baby walker, exersaucer, inchworm, bike, or wheelbarrow? Tommorrow we will weigh everything to see where we are at.

On the cooking front, we made the potatoes and mini German pancakes (linked in my previous post) today and they were awesome!! The boys love having breakfast for dinner, and it's nice to take a few hours to make new things.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday I was too busy decluttering the candy bowl to post.....I have 35 pounds of clothes, five boxes of videos, and a dog house to give away or donate. I'm thinking about having a yard sale, but then I still have all this stuff sitting here waiting for warm weather. Big decisions! I do plan on getting the bulk of the 500 pounds done when Jason is here this weekend.

In other news, we made German Pancakes and strawberry sauce for dinner tonight. The boys really liked it, we thought it tasted like a thick crepe. I now have the mini version on my mind. Earlier this week, we made this, it was amazing! And slightly artery clogging, so a few days ago we made it with roasted potato wedges and it was even better! On this weekend's to-do list is also THIS. Why have I never thought to try it already?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Losing 500 pounds!!

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I decorate with clutter and piles of paper.....I have been inspired by this blog and another upcoming move to lose 500 pounds of clutter. Not furniture so much, just paper, clutter, and randoms things we no longer need. My plan is to throw things away, donate, save for a yard sale, give to others. Since I work better if I let my plans be's letting you (all six of you that read this) know. And, I want to lose 500 pounds in ten days......yep, ten little days. Totally do-able! (maybe) (if not, I'll just delete this post and only six of you people would ever know that I failed). So, starting tomorrow, April 8, 2010, I will be starting this little project. Stay tuned for details!